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Lambson Wildlife Art  

BAREBOW! features the first-ever Artist Series of the North American Super Slam, painted by Idaho artist Hayden Lambson with many additional black-and-white wildlife drawings by Dallen Lambson.

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BAREBOW! An Archer's Fair-Chase Taking of North America's Big-Game 29

BAREBOW! presents the sort of campfire tales hunters never tire of hearing or ever forget. Each is a demonstration of the power of perseverance, sacrifice, and sometimes bad luck or blind luck! How did Dennis Dunn ambush a world-record Grizzly Bear at 8 yards? Stay warm on a dogsled while hunting Polar Bear in Canada's far north? Miss a massive 8x7 Roosevelt's Elk from only 16 yards? How does he measure his accomplishments? Or cope with the disappointments of his unsuccessful hunts? Readers will be riveted in the moment, as Dunn recounts 104 tales of his bowhunting adventures and misadventures. [Read More]

"A bow, a string, an arrow --- no trigger, no peep-sights, no pins --- just fingers, guts and instinct. That's hunting BAREBOW!" -- Dennis Dunn

Here's what some leaders in the Hunting and Wildlife Conservation World have to say about this unique, groundbreaking work:

"An instant classic — a book for the ages!"
Dave King, Former Editor, HUNTING ILLUSTRATED Magazine

"As a gifted wordsmith and world-renowned bowhunter, Dunn will have you sitting on the edge of your chair, as if you were bowhunting right alongside him."
Tom Nelson, Master Bowhunter and Host of The American Archer TV Show

"There has never been a book like BAREBOW!, and probably no one will ever duplicate it."
Jim Slinsky, Host of nationally-syndicated Outdoor Talk Radio

"I will tell you that BAREBOW! is 6 or 7 books in one! It is the BEST-valued hunting book out there, in my opinion. This deluxe, coffee-table book will be the focus of any visitor to your home, and it goes a long way in presenting our case as hunters to those who don't know what truly is in our hearts. The effort that went into writing and publishing this book is proportionate to the effort the author applied to his hunting lifestyle. You won't be able to read it in a day, but that is the beauty of this resource. A masterpiece on all fronts!"
Mike Mitten, Author of ONE WITH THE WILDERNESS: Passions of a Solo Bowhunter

"I think the most refreshing aspect of the work is the author's honesty in admitting when a mistake was made, and an opportunity for a harvest lost because of it. You don't see that in most of today's outdoor writings. For my money, BAREBOW! is the finest book about bowhunting and archery I have ever read."
Steve Gorr, Well-known traditional bowhunter, film producer, and Pacific Northwest bowyer

"In BAREBOW! Dunn teaches, inspires, and enthralls in equal measure. It takes desire and motivation to hunt the wild animals of North America. To hunt all of them takes even more of each, and then to hunt all of them with a bow and arrow, takes the most determined hunter of all. Dennis is such a man, and his book is the story of that quest — a "must-read" for any hunter who aspires to do great and near-impossible things."
Jim Shockey, Author, Photographer, Wilderness Guide and Outfitter,
Host of Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures on The Outdoor Channel

"The value to humanity of this book will grow the longer it is shared with friends and family. I suspect that — in time — it will be considered the premier classic in the world of bowhunting."
Curtis Hermann, Western States Coordinator, National Bowhunter Education Foundation

"The gifted and well-qualified author captures the complex, hard-to-describe spiritual connection man has with the natural world in all its beauty and diversity. Believe me, you'll want to read the book twice!"
John Jackson, III, Chairman, Conservation Force, Past President of Safari Club International

"I consider Dennis Dunn's BAREBOW! to be the most remarkable hunting book ever published. His MONUMENTAL tribute to the hunt — and North America's big game — is unparalleled, and in a genre all its own."
Randall Eaton, Ph.D., Film producer of The Sacred Hunt,
Author of From Boys to Men of Heart: Hunting as Rite of Passage

"It is a very remarkable book, and I think it will become one of the most coveted hunting books of all time."
Dr. J. Y. Jones, Member, Safari Club International, Outdoor Writer and Author

"Dennis Dunn's book is a monumental tribute to hunting and its essential role in today's world. ... Buy a copy of BAREBOW! Put it on your coffee table, in your office, donate it to your local library or school, read it to your granddaughters, share it with your non-hunting friends. Help them understand."
Bill Krenz, Former Editor, BOWHUNT AMERICA Magazine —and INSIDE ARCHERY Magazine