Discover How an Uneducated, Club-Footed, Janitor From NW Iowa Bagged Two World Class Whitetail Bucks in Record Time!

Don’t get the wrong idea. This guy’s no slouch. These are just the last two of several whitetails taken over the last 26 years. Can you imagine yourself getting such priceless information from someone with a GED?

Now is the time you can take advantage of his simple strategy and many others that hardly anyone is getting right.

Please read on and find out how you too can have more success than you ever thought you had time for.

Dear Whitetail hunters,
Have you ever made a phone call like this?

“ Hi this is [name] calling (from my cell phone on the way to my deer stand) I’m just not feeling well today and I’m not quite sure when I’ll be back to work(cough a little bit) but I will let you know….

Now, if you try this make damn sure you don’t meet the boss when he’s on his way to work. What The Hell? Was that Joe in camouflage with a grunt tube draped around his neck?

Why that sneaky little #!@#!.

More on this in a moment – but first let me get this problem off my chest. Not really my problem, but a problem for thousands, perhaps millions of whitetail hunters.

After a long 12 hours at my J.O.B., I came home pretty tired from the grind and sat down in the easy chair. I picked up one of my deer hunting magazines (Deer and Deer Hunting maybe? it really doesn’t matter) and I came across an article that stopped me in my tracks.

Let me share with you the main point of the article.

Now listen closely my friend: It read something like this.

“ The success rate for bow hunters is a mere 15% and the overall success rate for gun and bow hunters is near a paltry 30%.” What a shame!

Wait a minute here. Did I read that right? Was that stiff drink starting to cloud my mind? It was time for a little investigation.

Here’s what I found out thru a few DNR state websites. (I wish they would make it easier but you have to actually do a little math.)

Ohio success rates Missouri success rates Minnesota success rates
Gun- 32% Gun- 35% Gun- 37%
Archery- 17% Archery- 25% Archery- 25%

Now don’t get me wrong here, you may be in the tiny select group of successful hunters. The fact of the matter is, there will still be millions that are not successful.

75% of deer hunters could be filling more tags

All they really need is the same blueprint that obviously only a small percentage of hunters use.

Now your probably wondering what the successful hunters do differently than most hunters. That is a fair question to ask and one you will know the answer to shortly.

But first, a word or two about myself. ( I promise to keep it short)

Before I jump into details, I want to tell you that I was once in the same position you may be in now. I had my share of struggles trying to figure this stuff out. I made a lot of bonehead mistakes.

Matter of fact, in my early years, I don’t think I could hit water if I fell out of a boat.

Over three decades of hunting whitetails

I have now been hunting whitetails for 32 years and have shot more than my share of deer and have passed on many others. I am now at the stage of my hunting career where I am pretty selective of what I shoot.

I now strictly hunt for bucks that will make a nice addition to my wall. Now I am not saying this to brag, I am just saying that I been around the block a time or two.

At this point in my life, I am more interested in helping others become a successful hunter. You, and anyone else willing to listen.

Heck, why not help others? I am not going to lose anything by helping others. I will still have what I already got. Besides that, your not trespassing on the land I hunt. ( are you?)

During the course of those 30 some years, I have been to seminars, read more than a few books, and have done some extensive research on whitetail deer.

But listen, I am just a regular guy. I don’t go to fancy restaurants. I go to high school and junior high school sporting events.

I don’t drink vintage wines. I like Bud Light in a can or whatever my buddies bring over to the house.

I don’t have any extraordinary talents or gifts. I fabricate metal for a living.

I just happened to discover some things along the way that have made me a pretty successful whitetail deer hunter.

Ok, enough about me. Let’s find out what it is or what it takes for you to become a consistently better deer hunter.

I can tell you what it’s not. It’s called luck. Sure anyone can get lucky from time to time.

To be consistent takes a little more than luck.

Here’s a little secret. The #1 ingredient to your success is KNOWLEDGE!

It all boils down to knowledge of deer behavior and how you apply that knowledge to your situation. In addition to that, it is the ability to pay attention to details.

Hold on while I explain.

Let’s briefly take a look at Jim. A real person. A whitetail fanatic.

I was visiting a cousin of mine awhile back and we had gone over to his friend’s house for a couple drinks. My first impression of Jim was that he was a bachelor. His kitchen was a mess. There were more dishes on the counter than I got in my whole house.

Jim kindly fed us a few Old Milwaukees at the kitchen table and as we were chatting, a Chevy Tahoe pulls into the garage and a few moments later the door swings open and in walks this gorgeous babe in a short black skirt.

I damn near choked on my beer can. She was smoking hot!

The first thing she does is apologize for the messy kitchen. (as she was bending over in front of me to take off her 4″ heels.) That‘s when Jim stood up and said, “honey I think I’ll take the guys downstairs and get out of your way.” I’m thinking, thanks Jim but maybe you can help me get my tongue off your kitchen floor.

Anyhow, as we reached the basement my attention now turned towards Jim’s bar. Not the bar itself but the number of deer heads he had mounted on the wall behind the bar.

8 magnificent mounts in all

This was obviously Jim’s half of the house. His own personal showroom. You won’t find anything out place here.

As you might guess, Jim’s a pretty good hunter. Lucky? I highly doubt it. Lucky to have a wife like his yes. Damn is she gorgeous!

Don’t let me get off track here. Where was I? Oh, now I remember….

Consider this. Without going into detail, listen to what Jim told me that night.

7 out of 8 of those deer were bow kills. 4 of those whitetails were taken off of public land. And get this, probably the best one of all those deer was shot approx. 1 mile from city limits!

Jim’s been hunting whitetails for 26 years. Jim doesn’t shoot the latest Mathews bow. Matter of fact he shoots a bow made by Bear. The bow is like a vintage 1995 model or something. The thing almost looks prehistoric compared to today’s standard.

Jim’s a janitor at the local elementary school.

Two 12 pointers – 3 Days

Here’s how Jim shot not one, but two dandy 12 point bucks within 3 days. I’ll let him tell you.

“Well, to make a long story short, I drilled the first one at 18 yards when he walked into my 2 decoy set-up. It was the same deer I had hunted the previous year.

I didn’t get a shot last year even though he was within 30 yards.”

“The second deer had been seen a number of times by the landowner. I had set out two portable stands about 9 days earlier but had yet to hunt there. Around 9:00 I spotted movement 100 yards away or so.

The buck had his nose to the ground and caught a whiff of my scent trail. He trotted by at 25 yards or so and I stopped him, drew back, and double lunged him.”

“The landowner confirmed what I suspected. It was the same buck he had been seeing.”

Knowledge is critical to success

“What people need to realize is that the best land, latest gadgets and camo, does not make someone a better deer hunter. Your knowledge of deer behavior will be the foundation for all strategies that you apply.”

But Jim’s not the only common Joe who has something figured out. Heck, I’d bet money that you know of somebody similar to Jim living near you..

Let me just ask you a few simple questions. Would you like to join the small percentage of hunters who consistently tag deer year after year like clockwork?? Would you be happy just to get more opportunities to fill your tag?

Well, You’re not alone if you answered yes.

Let’s make something clear here. I am not the best deer hunter in the country. That title belongs to, in my opinion, Myles Keller.

A bow hunting legend and member of the Bowhunting Hall of Fame.

I have followed his advice and methods very closely. (Like a detective)

The best part is you will now have the opportunity to learn from my experience (and mistakes) and the experience of some of the top whitetail deer hunters known to man!!

Now with that in mind, let me show you how you can get the knowledge you need to become a consistently successful hunter.

Just remember, I don’t want you to struggle for years like I did and like so many others have done.

Do you follow me so far? Okay good.

Here’s what all this means for you.

After conducting extensive research and going to every seminar possible, the light bulb went on.

It hit me right between the eyes like a 100 grain broadhead!

Once I realized that only a small percentage of hunters are successful every year, I knew I had to give back and make all this information available to everyone who shares the deer hunting passion.

You may be thinking that by reading books and possibly traveling miles to attend a good seminar and buying deer hunting videos on the subject of hunting whitetail deer that it may take years to learn and thousands of dollars you may not have.

Well guess what? Because I have spent the time, the money, and done the research, you won’t have to.

I am going to simplify the process that I went thru and show you how to become a successful deer hunter within the next few days. I didn’t say the next few weeks, months, or years……. I said days!!!

You won’t have to spend another dime on buying deer videos of some guy hunting whitetail deer in a dog kennel.

You won’t have to spend thousands of hours reading dry books and articles written by scientific researchers. I already have and I know what works and soon you will too.

I have cut thru all the fluff of “try this” or “maybe this will work” or “this method sounds good” and given you the… absolute… best killer techniques and strategies for hunting and bowhunting whitetail deer.

These tips and strategies have worked for me and countless others. You will now learn how you too can be on the fast track to becoming a super whitetail deer hunter.

I have put together years of learning, experimenting, investing, and research into a simple and easy to understand format that cuts right to the heart of becoming a successful whitetail deer hunter in the shortest amount of time.

Are you still with me here? Good. By reading what I have already said on this website is your commitment to becoming a master at hunting whitetail deer.

Remember what I told you earlier about the success rates being so low for whitetail deer hunters and especially those that bowhunt for whitetails?

I told you we were going to change all that nonsense right here and right now. I am a man of my word and my very reputation hinges on you becoming a successful whitetail deer hunter.

The code has finally been unlocked for successful whitetail deer hunting

So now lets take a closer look at some benefits your about to receive.

  • Discover the top 4 places for trophy bucks. Invaluable resource to narrow your search for monster bucks. We’re talking Pope and Young & Boone and Crocket material.
  • How to identify which scrapes are active and which ones the bucks will come back to. No more wasting time hunting dead scrapes.
  • 2 “down and dirty” scrape hunting tricks you can use to have em’ pawing beneath your stand.
  • Learn the mystery behind whitetail rubs. Take advantage of this one and put the odds in your favor
  • What 99% of the whitetail hunters fail to understand about whitetail deer attracting scents. Get the lowdown on scents and save yourself some ching.
  • The #1 reason why rattling fails most hunters. Avoid this and have them screaming to your stand.
  • Do artificial antlers work when rattling? You’ll soon find out.
  • Learn the very best time to stalk whitetails in a cornfield. You can get close enough to touch em’!
  • Discover how you can successfully drive deer with only 1 hunting partner. You won’t believe how easy this is!
  • Why its better not to be on stand under certain conditions. This will work to your advantage.
  • Find out why and when you need to change tactics. Most deer hunters never even consider this.
  • FREE MAPS!!! You won’t have to go far either.

Now these benefits alone are worth their weight in gold.
I told you I was a man of my word, and I will leave nothing out.

  • Why most hunters fail when calling bucks during the rut. Not many have tapped into this little trick. This will have you scratching your head.
  • Killer strategy to get those bucks that hang up when rattling and calling. Learn the reason why bucks do this and how to overcome this typical situation.
  • 3 things you can do to improve your accuracy.
  • Find out the single most important factor that determines deer movement. You’ll know exactly what to do before you leave the house.
  • Learn the top 2 secrets to calling deer close. It’s easy to do if you do it right. Relax you can find out how to do it the right way and the reasons why it’s so effective.
  • The 3 main things you should look for in a ground blind.
  • Find out how to become a better hunter in your sleep. Yes in your sleep!
  • Find out why whitetail deer will “ jump the string” and what you can do to make sure it won’t happen to you.
  • Super tips on tracking your whitetail deer. Learn the clues and find your deer.
  • What you need to consider when choosing a tree stand. Save yourself some time and frustration with these helpful hints.
  • A lesson on deer anatomy. Every hunter should know this for optimum bullet, slug, and arrow placement.(By the way it makes tracking much easier).
  • A sure-fire way that you can use to obtain discounts on hunting gear and supplies. This could save you hundreds of dollars.
  • Learn how scouting long before the season begins will help you take the guesswork out of stand placement.
  • 3 reasons why 50% of the whitetail deer hunters fail before they even get to their stand.
  • And much,much, more…!

You not only get all these benefits for your pleasure, but we have only touched the surface on the wealth of information you are receiving.

Without a shadow of a doubt, you will have an unfair advantage the very next time you crawl into your tree stand.

However, if you are still skeptical, let me just mention a couple more exclusive benefits.

Here’s a quick peek at more confidential information you’re about to discover…

  • Find out which decoy to use. You’ll not only know which one to use but also why.
  • 2 super hot tips on decoy placement. Put yourself in position for an easy shot.
  • WARNING: This may cause rubbery legs and a very accelerated heart rate!
  • How scouting after deer hunting season can immediately put you on whitetails the following year.
  • The 4 things…or 5 or 6 that you need to know about cover scent.
  • Learn the best time to hunt by looking at this one common tool. (By the way a whitetail has this too!).
  • Stand placement and what determines where you can ambush your whitetail buck.
  • 15 point checklist to help you be prepared. Not only will you save time it could save your life.
  • Learn how to read a whitetail deer’s body language.
  • Discover the one trick that a deer will use to bust you. Don’t fall for this one.

And what I have decided to do to help all the people that I could, is to consolidate all the deer hunting experience, research and learning and everything in between into a simple, fast track to success, easy to understand e-book ” MASTERS OF THE WHITETAIL.”

Start adding more racks to your wall

Now pay careful attention here. The information I’m about to share with you will absolutely explode your hunting success.

You now have the opportunity of a lifetime to have all the whitetail hunting knowledge you will ever need to start hanging trophy bucks on your wall!

I am about to share with you the secrets, the tips, techniques, and everything in between.

Keep a tight lip though. After you are done absorbing this cutting edge information you may not want to share it with all of your friends. It’s your turn to have bragging rights!!!

This information is based upon over 100 years experience, irrefutable facts by deer biologists, valuable knowledge from guys like Jeff Murray and Chuck Evans, and time-tested and proven methods that will give you legendary status in your own right.

The fact is, whether you are a novice or a seasoned veteran, my best selling e-book MASTERS OF THE WHITETAIL will provide you with every mind blowing detail you will need to consistently harvest whitetail deer.

No complicated jargon, no B.S., just straight forward nock em’ dead details that will make you rattle your own cage.
This information will work for anybody, even if it took you two tries to make it through high school.

I don’t care if you love to bow hunt whitetail deer or use grandpa’s .243 Savage rifle.

Now just think about this for a moment.

I realize that a freezer full of venison may last you and your family a year, but this is the stuff memories are made of. The memories will last you a lifetime.

Who else can’t wait to start telling their own deer hunting stories? Hell, you might even be tempted to invite your inlaws for the weekend just to brag a little.

To list the details of all the benefits here would be exhausting. Wind, weather patterns, bottlenecks, etc… The list goes on.

Oh, by the way, I almost forgot to tell you….

I have done the legwork for you. I have spent countless hours studying whitetail deer behavior, doing the research, and have spent money on courses and books that you won’t have to because I’m giving you the benefit of:

  • My 30 years of personal field experience.
  • Over 100 combined years of experience from some of the best whitetail hunters in the country.
  • Field –tested and proven methods and techniques that obliterate anything you have ever seen.
  • Little known and closely guarded secrets and tips that will make you the envy of your deer hunting community.
  • A stockpile of astonishing research from the top whitetail deer biologist known to man.

No holding hands

All that is required of you is to apply what you are about to learn. I can’t hold your hand for you. And besides that, I don’t even hold my wife’s hand so why the hell would I want to hold yours.

Let’s set the record straight here. For all the courses and books I have paid for and studied, along with the research and seminars, you would have to spend a small fortune.

Depending on the value you put on your time…… your investment to learn what I have learned could add up to hundreds of dollars.

That’s the reason why the all the powerful tips, methods and techniques that have been carefully and professionally laid out in my top-selling e-book “MASTERS OF THE WHITETAIL” would be a bargain at $67 considering the thousands it can cost for a guided hunt.

I said earlier that I wanted to make all of this information available to all who share the passion of whitetail deer hunting. I understand that not everyone would be able to get in at normal pricing.

So here is what I have decided to do for a LIMITED TIME ONLY!!! I AM OFFERING “MASTERS OF THE WHITETAIL” for the low price of $24.95!! Yes, you heard that right $24.95.

One would have to be borderline goofy to pass on this limited time offer. Wait a minute here…. Maybe I’m the one that’s gone mad here for even offering this price.

I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, but let me do the math for you. Nah, you’re smarter than I am, you can figure it out. From this angle it looks to me like that would be way more than 50% off.

Here’s the catch. I cannot promise what the price will be tomorrow. Besides that it’s not fair to my regular customers who bought at full price. If they find out about this, I’ll have a lot of explaining to do.

We have to act fast here. I will even sweeten the pot and offer you the same exact bonuses I offered my regular customers. All bonuses are FREE! (Have I lost my mind?).