Welcome to my brief archery bow buying guide. Hunting with arrows and bows is among the oldest men’s activities. However, with the scientific advancements and passing of time, these events have been lost and reduced its significance.

The United States is on the list of nations where people like me enjoy the archery game. It is an excellent recreational activity.

Archery is currently limited to only sports-related activities and is known as the enjoyment activity for time pass. Also, I use arrows and bows for hunting predators, yet it is limited to some geographical areas.

You will find several archery bow types available in the industry. Therefore, you must remain careful while getting one for your family members or yourself. Listed below are the 5 things I think you should consider before buying one.

5 Things You Need To Know Before Buying an Archery Bow


Price is an essential factor to weigh while buying a product, and exact is the situation in an archery bow.

These are available on the internet too, and through the net, it is super easy to get the best bargain at lowest prices. Different bow types offered at various prices, plus their rates differ from company to company.


The goal of buying the archery bow ought to get cleared since it helps with choosing the proper bow.

There are different types of bows available for various purposes; the main difference is between amateur and professional.

In case, you aren’t an expert archer in that case you should select the simple models, which are available in the industry at affordable prices.

The professional bow suggested for the archers who often participate in international and national archery competitions. Professional bows are created for experts those who have perfected the archery art. Also, it is hard to handle the professional-grade bows as it requires some minute adjustments and techniques, which everybody cannot follow.


You must understand well regarding the brand before making any decision. Primos Archery, Safariland Archery, Martin Archery, Bear Archery, Escalade Sports, and Barnett Archery are most popular because of the excellent quality.

If you order a low-quality bow, in that case, there are odds that you might hurt yourself. Therefore, it is always suggested to make use of good-quality bows to prevent any contingency.


It is crucial to decide the exact bow weight before buying it. Archery bows are available in various scales, and a few of these are very bulky which are challenging to manage by beginners.

There are portable bows available at 10-15 pounds for children ages 10 or above. For novices, 20-30 pound bow is the best option, whereas for shooting target 40-60 pound bow is ideal for experts based on draw weight.


It is essential to see which material fabric has employed in bows. Therefore, before getting one, make it sure which material used. These days archery brands are using various materials in designing bows including carbon fiber, metal, and fiberglass components.

The wooden-based bow is stronger and flexible and offers best outcomes. The most useful and most common material utilized in archery bows is wood.

My Recommendations

I often train for archery in my little backyard near a local farm town. In my 5 years of experience, I have used quite a few archery bows of different sizes and shapes. Some lasted longer than I expected while others damaged quickly than anticipated. So, I thought why not to put up a list of the top bows I prefer based on my experience and a bit of research.