Ever use a Beetle Spin lure for bream and bass? If not, you are missing out on some good fishing. I have had no other lure in my tackle box that has been as consistent as this little baby.

Sometimes the lures stay in the tackle box, and I have a couple tubes of crickets, coupled with my favorite “bream-buster” (fancy word for fiberglass cane pole) rigged with a cork and split-shot.

I love to watch the cork go under! But there are those trips where I’m fishing an area with some moving water, or perhaps some structure like fallen timber in the water that I want to cast around. The Beetle Spin makes it’s debut in those situations.

But be warned – get ready for action. Keep a good grip on that Zebco 33! I have caught some monster bream with the Beetle Spin, when no other lure or live bait was making them hit. Even bass will strike this puppy!

Here’s an example for you: One summer afternoon, I got off work early so I decided to hitch the boat up and head to the lake. Not a lot of time to prepare – I just threw a couple of rods in the boat with my tackle box.

I was going to fish an area called “The Hatchery” on Lake Moultrie – it was (and is) one of my favorite places to go for bream and bass fishing. I get to the lake, launch the boat and head to my spot. This area I’m fishing is like a little canal of sorts, made up of a long, thin piece of land that runs down the edge of a dike.

The “canal” is about as wide as a football field, and along the stretch of it is submerged timber – most that had fallen after Hurricane Hugo. This timber makes for good fishing. My tactic for this is simple: troll along the length of this canal and cast my lures around the structures and bank-edges.

I finally hit my stride with the first of several hand-sized bream. About an hour later, and I have 20 nice-eating bream to take home. I cannot say enough about the Beetle Spin.

What do I use? A regular Zebco 33 and a Beetle Spin. I want some bream (and the occasional bass) No complicated retrieval for this one – throw it out and reel it in at a nice easy pace – enough speed to make the spoon turn.

There are several manufaturers out there that make what they deem as a Beetle Spin, but the best ones I’ve found are made by Johnson. If you have bream nearby, no doubt your local tackle shop will have these available.

They come in a variety of colors, so if one particular color, like the green and black one pictured above doesn’t work, you can switch to another one. I have used the green/black, yellow/black, and the white ones with the little red dot – all with great success. You can also find versions that are smaller, and ones without tails.

As I mentioned, I use a basic Zebco 33 with 6 pound test when fishing with these lures – just a basic retrieve should yield wonderful results. If you snag that old wary bass, then you’ll have some fun and excitement while pulling him in with the light tackle!

Add some Beetle Spins to your tackle box this year!