How did you do this season?

Every season has a particular memorable moment…even if the season yielded nothing.

The first season – it was the thrill of hunting turkey for the first time, and hearing a bird respond to my calling. (No birds taken that season)

The second season – it was actually seeing a bird for the first time (a long way away!) and even though I was doing better with my hunting, I did not get that first bird.

The third season – heard some, saw some, but couldn’t seal the deal. Still, something kept the fire alive.

This season – opening day resulted in my first bird. I hunted a lot that first week. Only that one bird was taken. I am satisfied with only one? Yes I am. Even if I only kill one turkey in my lifetime I will be happy to have done it at least once!

How about after that first week? I wanted to hunt more, but I didn’t have the time. Work, family, and other obligations and situations arose. That’s life…but there will always be that first bird. The weight is lifted! What a season!

Along with the first one, I am happy to have had a safe season. No encounters with bobcats nor snakes. No poison ivy, ticks, or chiggers.

How about other birds this season? I saw a number of turkey…in fact, I had a pair of gobblers coming in, but just out of reach of the gun. I think I made a slight move and they bolted.

Also, I had a pair of jakes come in REALLY close. I could have reached out and snatched them. I was wearing my Camo-Vision glasses, and I believe that if I was wearing my normal prescription eyewear that I would have been busted long before they reached me.

Having them that close, and sitting perfectly still, I got to enjoy watching them walk around and observe their behavior.

I am looking forward to next season already. I learned a lot this year, and I’ll be ready for opening day 2018!